I have lived in Las Vegas since 1975 and raised my two wonderful children here. After working in the casino industry for 9 years, I tested and became a Dispatch Specialist for the Las Vegas Metro Police Department in 2002. This has been a very demanding and stressful, yet great career. It has provided me with a very livable wage, a huge network of friends and associates, a deeper understanding of human behavior and an exceptional work ethic. Bringing that work ethic with me while transitioning into my real estate career, is what has helped me get to where I am in a short amount of time. After scoring a 94% on my real estate exams, I have been spending every spare minute educating myself about the business. I immediately brought on an assistant to help me plan, set goals, and implement a business strategy which is all focused on how to better serve clients and give them a delightful experience in our relationship. Having my license with Berkshire Hathaway gives my clients access to one of the most powerful and professional real estate organizations in the nation. Each client is provided with a unique one on one action plan and a personalized transaction packet, that provides a virtual map of the entire process. With in-house Escrow and Title services, there is little room for time delays or contractual mistakes. Overall, Communication is the key to an exceptional customer experience, which, is automated with top notch software that doesn't allow human error to get in the way of a happy, informed client relationship.